AWEN Focal Points Meeting

November 2, 2018 Bangkok, Thailand

The AWEN Focal Points had a meeting in Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was attended by 10 AWEN Focal Points.

During the meeting, the focal points discussed the substantive issues pertaining to the AWEN activities, including the AWEN Work Plan in 2018-2020 ,and sharing the ideas on the projects/activities development. Our projects are:

1) Digitalization of Market Access and Outreach;

2) Fostering Financial Inclusion, Literacy and Discipline;

3) Re-skilling MSMEs, Women Entrepreneurs and their Workforce;

4) Promoting Sustainability and Self-Sufficiency for MSMEs;

5) Enhancing ASEAN Women Information Sharing;

6) Empowerment of ASEAN Women’s Leadership in the International Arena; and

7) Addressing the Environmental Issue and climate change.

Also, Each Focal Point Nations presented on their own strategies and activities of building women empowerment in the meeting. The meeting was fruitful, and we agreed to work and go forward together.


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