Woman Entrepreneurs Leading The Way As SEO Experts in Brisbane

Due to the rapid growth and development of technology, seeing women in male-dominated fields, such as STEM or finance, has become increasingly common. Many women are also starting their businesses and taking on management and leadership roles. It appears that Brisbane SEO companies have taken notice. Many search engine optimization agencies now have co-founders who are both men and women working together to take their business to the next top level.

One such example is Vivid Digital, where co-founder Jessie Gibson said, “We as a team all bring different things to the table – I’m more sales orientated whereas my business partner is very much technical.” The two founders started their business in 2014 after meeting at another Brisbane agency. By 2016, they had decided to work under their successful agency.

Another Brisbane SEO business with co-founders is Salter Mitchell, whose team includes Stephanie Salter and Richard Mitchell. According to Richard: “The relationship between Stephanie and I has been fairly symbiotic from the start; we’re both very much doers and problem solvers.” This husband and wife business partnership shows that SEO in Brisbane can be done successfully without a single leader.

Meanwhile, many women make waves as solo proprietors of SEO businesses. Kate Morris started her company Brand Mentor Kate in 2013 after seven years of experience within the industry. After gaining invaluable knowledge at other agencies, she decided to branch out on her own and focus exclusively on brand development and online marketing. Kate has been able to work with clients such as Coles Group and Australian Unity and act as a resource for national newspapers and magazines.

It is no doubt that women are succeeding at Brisbane digital agencies and in the SEO industry due to their strong dedication to education and self-improvement. Women who take on leadership roles seem to possess certain characteristics that set them apart from other business owners: they prioritize team building, actively seek growth opportunities, and can be counted on in times of need. The success stories of Vivid Digital’s Jessie Gibson, Salter Mitchell’s Stephanie Salter, Brand Mentor, Kate’s Kate Morris, and many others show how women achieve success by taking advantage of support systems and help.

One important thing that separates women entrepreneurs from their male counterparts is an eagerness to join in on groups, conferences, and seminars. On top of obtaining great business advice, these interactions allow women to connect with people who share their passions (such as clients or members of the media). Women are likely than men to seek out online resources such as social media sites for professional networking. These social platforms not only provide exposure; they also introduce business owners to potential employees and partners.

There is no arguable doubt that the future is bright for female-owned SEO companies in Brisbane. Women may be outnumbered when it comes to businesses in this industry; this gives them one more reason to work harder and prove themselves. The experiences of women entrepreneurs are worth sharing because they can encourage other marketing hopefuls.

Women in Local SEO

Women’s Influence

According to statistics, not only do women outnumber men population-wise, they are also responsible for approximately 80% of the purchasing decisions. Data also shows that women make up a little over 45% of the investing public as well.

Local SEO: A Good Field for Women

With their impact on the economy and influence in the financial sector, the search engine optimization field then seems like a good place for a woman to gain a footing. Both men and women are impacting the field with their increasing interest in social networking as well as marketing and technological data. Therefore, when it comes to bringing any women’s issues to light, women’s roles in search engine optimization (SEO) are starting to flourish as social media continues to develop and there is more flexibility for women as well as men to work at home.

The Competitive Spirit

Right now, you may see more men dominating roles as search engine optimizers as they tend to be more competitive than women. Most women’s issues delve into the woman’s inherent make-up to stay out of any fracas and interact socially rather than aggressively. Thus, women seem to approach the role differently than a man. Perhaps it’s because women are more relational. Still, there seems to be a consensus in the computer and technological sectors that SEO is an arena open widely to both men and women.

Changing Perceptions

Maybe it’s because the Internet allows us to play down many women’s issues because men and women alike enjoy a certain degree of anonymity when they’re online. The issue of sex or gender bias is therefore minimized. As a result, it leads one to conclude that society’s perception of women in the workplace is beginning to alter and women have become and will become as time goes on more accepted in SEO roles and other technical positions online.

Areas of Concentration

Both men and women can profit from Search Engines as men seem to primarily concentrate on many of the technical issues with regards to this area of development and women influence many areas predominated by the social media channels. Because women make the majority of the purchasing decisions, especially with respect to clothes and related accessories, it only stands to reason that using them in search engine optimization can be helpful and fruitful as well.

Defining the Role

Nevertheless, with regards to women’s issues, the role a woman has in IT and search engine optimization should be based on whether she’s good at her job not because she’s a woman who happens to be good at IT or in an SEO role.

Future Demand and Prospects

With the increasing need for companies to enhance the traffic to their sites and establish their rankings, both men and women can prevail in the Seo field in the future. Currently, if you’re well-versed in SEO, you can handily command a good salary as there is a need for people to provide their expertise for this cutting-edge service.

Equal Opportunity

Women can incorporate an understanding of Seo with copywriting skills to make themselves invaluable in the SEO industry. In addition, SEO allows both women and men to avail themselves of the opportunity to work on their own and at home. Therefore, the Search Engine industry is indeed an equal opportunity employer in this age of Internet development and services.


How Local SEO Support Small Businesses

I am going to make a claim that is very abstract no matter who is saying it, but I am an SEO specialist for both content and HTML. Most people don’t think there is a difference but trust me, there is.

What is even truer is the difference between the way you apply SEO to a national (or global) campaign or a very local campaign.

The Internet is overloaded with the “global” thing, so I want to focus on the “local” thing.

I am going to take a small business as an example, this is a family business that produces “X” products. Where the “X” is, just insert your business specialty or product. For me, I like garage bands, authentic pizza, and bungee jumping. Please do not turn it off now because of what I like, this is and will be good, solid information.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. That equates to how the Internet world will see you. But if you are running a small local business, who gives an eff what some guy in Singapore thinks about you. Your clients are your local customers. But this does not mean you do not need SEO, and you better believe me on this one too.

So for my example, I am using a very well respected and traditional wood-fired pizzeria place as my clients’ primary biz but he also has an out of control son that goes parachuting every weekend and a daughter that has a viral bungee jumping crane at the local water park and a Tattoo parlor.

This contrast may sound a bit extreme, but I do have a client like this.

For them to pay someone to put up a few thousand articles to get a nun from Tibet to hit their site is a total waste of money. A WASTE OF $$.

They need SEO at a local level. Efffff Google and the other search engines, the SEO for small businesses is different.

When you are running small biz, you need to talk about local stuff. That thing that happened on the corner. The party you are hosting at X location. That donation you made to the cub scouts or brownies. Or even if you want to get severely committed, you can talk about the politicians you support.

If you pay some goofball to market your message in broken English to a global audience, you will get what you pay for. One or two Asians or Russians ordering a stone-fired pizza.

If you do this right, where you use SEO and Content properly you will get pizza and pasta lovers coming to you from all corners of the world to base jump, bungee jump, or parachute while they are holding one of your pizza boxes or slices in their hands

Do not dismiss the power of social media in your SEO, especially if your SEO is local.

We do not endorse any company, but if I say “sports bars with hot babes in orange shorts” you will know what I mean. This is their SEO, not online, this is offline.

It is TOTALLY the same thing online. Now I want to put you up against the biggest Sports bar/beer place and show you how to destroy them.

First of all, do one of two things, make it more family OR make it less wife/girlfriend conducive. The orange shorts place is just too blah blah, middle of the road.

Now pick out your clients. Have them sign up for VIP access to get emails of upcoming events, and then throw in the bungee jumping or parachuting adventures from your children.

Local SEO is much more important than global SEO if you are looking for contacts; have your people fill out cards or even better, have a computer at the admission area where they can register.