Due to the rapid growth and development of technology, seeing women in male-dominated fields, such as STEM or finance, has become increasingly common. Many women are also starting their businesses and taking on management and leadership roles. It appears that Brisbane SEO companies have taken notice. Many search engine optimization agencies now have co-founders who are both men and women working together to take their business to the next top level.

One such example is Vivid Digital, where co-founder Jessie Gibson said, “We as a team all bring different things to the table – I’m more sales orientated whereas my business partner is very much technical.” The two founders started their business in 2014 after meeting at another Brisbane agency. By 2016, they had decided to work under their successful agency.

Another Brisbane SEO business with co-founders is Salter Mitchell, whose team includes Stephanie Salter and Richard Mitchell. According to Richard: “The relationship between Stephanie and I has been fairly symbiotic from the start; we’re both very much doers and problem solvers.” This husband and wife business partnership shows that SEO in Brisbane can be done successfully without a single leader.

Meanwhile, many women make waves as solo proprietors of SEO businesses. Kate Morris started her company Brand Mentor Kate in 2013 after seven years of experience within the industry. After gaining invaluable knowledge at other agencies, she decided to branch out on her own and focus exclusively on brand development and online marketing. Kate has been able to work with clients such as Coles Group and Australian Unity and act as a resource for national newspapers and magazines.

It is no doubt that women are succeeding at Brisbane digital agencies and in the SEO industry due to their strong dedication to education and self-improvement. Women who take on leadership roles seem to possess certain characteristics that set them apart from other business owners: they prioritize team building, actively seek growth opportunities, and can be counted on in times of need. The success stories of Vivid Digital’s Jessie Gibson, Salter Mitchell’s Stephanie Salter, Brand Mentor, Kate’s Kate Morris, and many others show how women achieve success by taking advantage of support systems and help.

One important thing that separates women entrepreneurs from their male counterparts is an eagerness to join in on groups, conferences, and seminars. On top of obtaining great business advice, these interactions allow women to connect with people who share their passions (such as clients or members of the media). Women are likely than men to seek out online resources such as social media sites for professional networking. These social platforms not only provide exposure; they also introduce business owners to potential employees and partners.

There is no arguable doubt that the future is bright for female-owned SEO companies in Brisbane. Women may be outnumbered when it comes to businesses in this industry; this gives them one more reason to work harder and prove themselves. The experiences of women entrepreneurs are worth sharing because they can encourage other marketing hopefuls.

Woman Entrepreneurs Leading The Way As SEO Experts in Brisbane